Episode 6. Dreaming about future keyboards

I’m very happy with my Corne LP. I wish it had slightly more pinky stagger, because my pinky’s need to stretch to hit the top row.

Cornish Zen

While looking for a Corne, I found out about the Cornish Zen. It was a group buy I had just missed. In addition to looking gourgeous, it has deeper pinky stagger.

Round three of the group buy has been announced! Here are photos from the creator https://imgur.com/user/darryldh/posts

I’m honestly torn on buying even more keyboards. This one uses ZMK firmware instead of QMK firmware, so I would have to translate everything over. I’m not sure I would benefit from the Bluetooth features since I only type on my desk for my wrists sake.


Someone on the BoardSource Discord posted a picture of their Chocofi, which looks like a 3×5+3 Corne, but with more generous pinky stagger. However I probably will never solder my own keyboard.


I’m happy with what I have, and I keep my eye open for deeper cuts on the last columns to lessen pinky strain.

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