Episode 7. Introducing the BoardSource Unicorne

For folks that want the benefits of open-source keyboard, and also want to ‘just buy something that works’, the new Unicorne from BoardSource is what you’re looking for. And I’m gonna tell you why.

No soldering needed. Such a big deal that there’s no soldering needed on their PCBs. This design clears the way for more folks to get into open-source keyboards. If you wanted to put together a keyboard, you needed to pay someone to solder, or solder it yourself. The PCBs come pre-printed with hot-swap sockets, which means you can upgrade your key switches and key caps later, or swap out a broken one.

Easily removable legs for angling the keyboard. Screw them on, screw them off. Previously, I found some roomba bumpers on Amazon, that I’m using for tenting. Since they’re basically permanent, packing my keyboard for traveling is certainly awkward. Easily removable legs will Would love to see BoardSource offer different heights for these legs.

Aluminum case. Many other open-source keyboard store fronts rely on 3D printing, which is fantastic for flexibility. But for something I use all day every day, I really like BoardSource’s aluminum cases. The Unicorne does not come in their prettiest color: the anodized purple.

I’m not sponsored by BoardSource, just excited about their craftsmanship around open-source keyboards. I’ve previously purchased two Corne LPs from BoardSource, and wrote about it on my website.

And here’s a link to Unicorne LP low profile keycaps https://new.boardsource.xyz/products/unicorne-LP

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