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Living the Creative Act

We are reading The Creative Act by Rick Rubin and applying its message of creativity to our lives as creative software developers. Each episode has gentle scenery recorded around New York City. Join me live on my Twitch stream, Sunday afternoon at 2pm, NYC time, or catch the videos later on Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

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Join the Queuemunity on Discord! Share your projects, discuss creativity. I pre-release my content to Discord, and share works-in-progress. Subscriber perks include Inner Circle chat, NYC-specific content, and my ideas channel, for pre-pre-pre-release ideas. For Twitch subscriber perks in Discord, link your Discord account to Twitch, or you can subscribe directly in Discord


Intuitively navigate the subway within seconds. With one tap, you can see arrivals & arrivals at your current station or any station of your choice. We provide simplified destinations like “Bronx-bound” to help you navigate outside of your regular stations.

For iOS and Android.

Keyboard Story

Programming can strain your wrists while typing on a keyboard for long periods of time. An ergonomic keyboard can be elegant and beautiful.

Haptics Studio

The best way to discover and test iPhone haptics in the palm of your hand. Featured in iOS Dev Weekly!

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